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Lurree is professional in producing high-quality jewelry with different kinds of gemstones.

Welcome to check all the details below for your reference.

However, these are not all gemstones we can source; please get in touch with us directly with your unique wishes and desires.

If you want more information about how we create tailor-made jewelry from raw gemstones, please refer to our blog; also welcome to refer to our page, gemstone jewelry manufacturer, for more details.

Black Jasper
A dark and earthy gemstone, black jasper is thought to provide grounding, protection, and stability.
Agate Chalcedony
A banded variety of chalcedony featuring agate patterns, this gemstone is often associated with harmony, balance, and emotional healing.
Yellow Calcite
A sunny yellow gemstone, yellow calcite is believed to promote optimism, creativity, and personal power.
White Marble
A classic and elegant natural stone, white marble has been used in art and jewelry for centuries and is often associated with purity and sophistication.
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Free Samples
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BSCI Certificate
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100% Quality Control
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Life-long Aftersevice
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