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Identifying The Ring Sizes

Rings are one of the oldest and most famous ornaments; at Lurree, our experts make beautiful rings of all sizes for your customers, and most people get the rings for sizes 6 and 7.

International Ring Sizes

Ring sizes are letters or numbers associated with a ring band’s inner circumference or diameter. Usually, ring sizes are calculated in inches or millimetres depending upon the country, as different geographies/countries might have other numbers or letters that define the standard scale standard of ring sizes.

Lurree manufactures rings of all international sizes; no matter your customer’s size demand, we ensure to fulfil all.

Below is a chart to identify the correct ring sizes.

The Ring Sizes Between Men And Women

Usually, the ring size of a man is larger than a woman because they have larger fingers. Also, they prefer a ring with a larger band.

The most common sizes we made for women are 5-9 (US diameter).

The most common sizes we made for men are 8-14 (US diameter).

Other Options-Open Ring & Adjustable Ring

If you are not selling by size, there are other options, open rings and adjustable rings. We are also good at different open rings and adjustable rings.

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