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Earring Sizes Chart: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Dimensions of Earrings

Earrings are one of the most popular jewelry pieces in every jewelry box. Whether it’s simple studs or creative hoops, there is a pair of earrings for every occasion. Considered the most popular jewelry pieces, they come in endless shapes and styles, from bouncy dangle earpieces to the elongated style of drop earrings; every type is popular and loved around the globe.

Earrings come in different shapes and styles. For example, some customers prefer wearing small delicate studs, and some like big hoops. ​​

To make it easy to find and design the earrings you are looking for, we have listed some types and different sizes to give you an idea of which designs you can offer to your customers. By referring to our earrings sizes chart, you can ensure that you provide a variety of options for your clientele.

Different Kinds of Earrings And Their Sizes

Earrings come in endless types of designs and sizes; some of the popular earring types are:

Studs Earring Sizes

Timeless, classy and delicate, Studs are considered the most loved and popular style of earrings. They can be made in multiple styles and sizes. Some are designed plain, and some have gemstone studded or made and shaped with gorgeous designs. Our earrings sizes chart will provide further clarity on the various dimensions available for stud earrings.

Here is an in-depth chart for more clarity.

You can design studs in multiple sizes. Small studs have diameters of 3mm to 4mm and are great for everyday wear; medium studs are a little bigger than small ones and have a diameter of 4mm to 5mm; large stud earrings are 7mm and are styled by customers who love to make a statement without being too bold with the look.

Hoops Earring Sizes

Hoops are stunning and versatile for all earring types.

The diameter of the hoop is its size. Some customers refer to them as small, medium, and large, depending on their width. The most popular hoops we produced are usually from 8m to 25mm.

Huggies Earring Sizes

Huggies are similar to hoops but more subtle. They are a petite and daintier version of hoops but look gorgeous and elevate the most basic outfit.

Similar to hoops, Huggies come in various sizes, but they are daintier and range from 5mm to 12mm.

Dangle or Drop Earrings Sizes

Drop earrings hang below the earlobes and are designed with pearls, diamonds or gemstones. They have an elegant length that makes them look sleek from all other categories of designs.

From  Dangle to drop earrings, there are endless shapes and sizes that can be made long or short according to the customers’ preferences. Utilizing an earrings sizes chart will make it easier for your customers to find the perfect pair, no matter the occasion or style they are seeking.


In conclusion, offering a diverse range of earring sizes and styles is essential for meeting the varying preferences and needs of your customers. By understanding the different types of earrings, such as studs, hoops, huggies, and dangle or drop earrings, and their respective sizes, you can better cater to your customers and ensure they find the perfect pair for any occasion. Keeping up with trends and being aware of the most popular sizes and styles will help you provide an exceptional shopping experience and keep customers coming back for more.

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