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As a Sustainable Jewelry Manufacturer, Lurree has always been committed to sustainable and ethical business practices and has a sincere desire to conduct business differently. We’re all searching for small and significant ways to support and contribute to our environment, community, people and, on a larger scale, our planet.

Our Mission

We hope to establish agenda-setting goals that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and accelerate ethical change throughout the jewellery industry.

Traceability & Transparency

Lurree’s Mine-to-Market initiative, which seeks to improve supply chain visibility, currently aims to promote transparency.

Starting from Raw Materials, we will create a clear ramification for a better understanding of our internal ethical transparent sourcing:

1. Gemstones

We are using natural gemstones, but we make sure they are coming from safe and ethical sourcing.

2. Pearls

One of our greatest successes has been the ethical use of cultured pearls. Although the creation process for cultured pearls is more controlled and as ethical as it can be, they are still natural organic gems.

3. Diamond

Diamond sourcing has been a significant debate for many years, but things are improving. Here at Lurree, we only deal with diamonds that have undergone the Kimberly Process, indicating that the raw diamond comes from a secure and ethical area.

To stop the global conflicts in the trade of diamonds, which are “rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments,” the Kimberley Process (KP) brings together governments, civil society organizations, and businesses.

4. Lab Grown Diamonds

In general, lab-created diamonds outperform those obtained through traditional mining techniques. They do not harm the environment to the same extent as mining.

At Lurree, we give you the option to buy a sustainable and ethical diamond while making a conscious decision to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

5. Metals

We at Lurree are pleased to announce that we are able to use recycled metals in an ethical manner.

Recycling gold is not an easy process. It should be melted down and purified since gold can have numerous impurities after years of use, and professional equipment is required to do the purification. We are thrilled to get recycled gold from a reputable, significant supplier that has been supplying us for many years. Additionally, we conserve our gold for recycling because that is how we support sustainability.

Silver that has been extracted from used metal products is called recycled sterling silver. We are happy that we can use recycled sterling silver in our products.

Furthermore, our clients can also send us their old & unwanted sterling silver jewelry. We will recycle and reuse it to create something new & you will enjoy a credit note for future purchases, for more details, please contact us directly.

*The energy and carbon emissions saved by these procedures when recycling metals are enormous.

Sustainable Production Roadmap

At Lurree, we take great pride in having the most knowledgeable employees who minimize material waste and rejection rates in an ethical way.

We treat our employees like family at Lurree and do everything in our power to support and care for them. We provide housing for our employees, which lowers the cost and emissions associated with transportation.

Our employees put a lot of effort into their work, and we were able to schedule the silver production in the mornings to save energy by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Not Fast, But Long-Lasting Fashion

We advise you to make gold-plated items with a thicker layer since the jewellery will survive longer and cause less environmental damage if the plating thickness is thicker. Gold vermeil could be an excellent choice as it is considered fine silver (pure or sterling) with thicker gold plating. Gold vermeil’s plating must be at least 2.5 microns thick and 10k or greater.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal at Lurree is to combine our love of jewelry with our commitment to philanthropy by protecting the area around the factory and the environment.

  • -We are focused on Women’s Empowerment & Ethnic Minorities; therefore, we are offering -employment for female workers.
  • -As part of our effort to use less electricity, the residents of our apartments use solar water heaters. Turning off the power supply whenever it is not in use is another one of our internal guidelines.
  • – By classifying and treating waste, we preserve the environment.
  • – We try to utilize every square inch of paper by printing on both sides, making every part of our processes conscious.
  • – By using water as efficiently as possible, we also lessen the wasted amount. The remaining water is used for our plants and green spaces after being consumed.

Sustainable Delivery

While ensuring the security of your goods, we also work to keep the package as compact and small as possible.

We Are Honoured To Be GIVING BACK.

1. Promote volunteerism among our employees, as in nursing homes and other fields, to foster an ethical culture.

2. Plant trees on Arbor Day.

3. Donate money to a good cause. Here, we would like to highlight some of our charitable activities: The Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the Covid-19 event in 2020, Zhenzhou floods in 2021.

4. Additionally, ongoing donations are made to support children’s education in a hilly, underdeveloped location.

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