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How We Do Quality Assurance

How We Control Jewelry Quality Assurance

Here at Lurree, we encourage you to trust our rigorous jewelry quality assurance procedure, which has made countless clients happy for many years.

Throughout the entire production process, we provide numerous jewelry quality assurance standards of the below steps:

  • It begins with the design. Some designs are inappropriate for bulk production for various reasons, which we will advise you about during the design control process.
  • Once the sample has been verified, we will begin bulk production. We start with the raw materials, wax injection, refined moulding, stone setting, polishing, plating, assembly, packing steps and quality assurance for each step. Before shipment, we will conduct one last quality control check.

Our jewelry quality assurance standards follow the guidelines below.

A Performance Evaluation

We are here to ensure our client’s happiness and the quality of our products; therefore, we will control and check to see if the product styles match your order’s details, including size, gemstone, colour, etc.

  • The surface will appear smooth and shiny without damage, cracks, sharp edges, or fingerprints.
  • Electrostatic stickers are necessary to protect a large, high-polish surface.
Raw Material
  • Gemstones–Raw gemstone materials
  1. The colour of the stone should be consistent throughout, and the stones in a set must match;
  2. Chipped, eye-visible pits and cracks that compromise durability are unacceptable;
  3. The colour of multiple gemstones that make up a piece of jewelry must also be consistent.
  • Pearl
  1. In most cases, we will select high lustre unless clients request other quality.
  • Metal
  1. Once making your order, we will always test the quality of the metal and make sure it is enough content, for example, checking if it is enough 925. (92.5%) sterling silver, checking if it is enough 14k gold or 18k gold, etc.
  2. For your gold-plating order, we will always perform quality assurance of the gold plating.
  • All markings must be accurate, legible, and clear.
  • Hoops earrings
  1. A single pair will have matching hoops in terms of shape and style.
  • Earring post
  1.  The earring post must be perfectly straight for you to wear with lightness
  • Rings
  1. Depending on the client’s needs, we will follow either a perfectly round, square, or rectangular shape.
  • Bangle & Cuff
  1. Some clients prefer particular shapes, and we’ll make sure that every bulk item matches the verified samples.
Plating Quality
  • Corrosion test: In a solution of 1% salt and water, the plating had no colour changes after 24 hours.
  • Tarnishing test: Both silver and gold-plated silver pieces passed without tarnishing in under two minutes in 3% K2S.
  • Test for wear and tear: no signs of deterioration after 1000 times of glove wiping

According to the client’s request, the third-party inspection can be set up at the client’s expense.

  • Clasp
  1. Clasps will be able to open and close without the use of tools.
  • Welding
  1. The earring rod must be strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear.
  2. Strength of Chain Tensile (For Chain Jewelry—necklace, bracelets, choker, anklets etc.). We perform a test by weighing it at 5 lbs. and hold for 10 seconds. (Excluding client’s special request)
  3. Strength of the extension chain or components, we start at 3 lbs and hold for 10 seconds. (Excluding client’s special request)
  • Closing System of Bangle/Hoops
  1. The closing system must be strong with a good closing, yet flexible.
  2. Check whether small parts are retained and secured properly (for decorative elements like jewels, gemstones, pearls, beads, etc.).
Setting Procedure
  • Confirm that gemstones are placed uniformly and consistently in their mounts.
  • Affix the gemstones firmly within the mounts to avoid any displacement or motion.
  • Remove any rough spots or pointy edges from the mounts for a polished appearance.
  • Apply a homogenous and even finish to electroplated mounts throughout the jewelry item.
Glue Process

Only stones like opal, pearl, and turquoise can be glued, and the other precious gemstones will be attached in settings.

  • The glue will not be visible on any of the settings
  • The glue must ensure that the stone remains stationary in the centre
  • All pendants and charms must be assembled properly in accordance with a confirmed sample.
  • If the pendants or charms are designed to be flexible, it is necessary to determine whether they can move. Contrary to this, the design dictates no flexibility, and we will make sure there isn’t any movement.
  • All poly bags must be undamaged and clean.
  • SKU needs to match the correct style.
  • The label needs to be neat and tidy with quality printing.
  • The packaging needs to protect the jewelry.
  • Other requirements, according to the client’s comments.

We Would Love To Share The Checklist Once You Receive The Bulk Jewelry Goods

1. Check if the SUK number matches the styles in the order.
2. Check if the jewelry is clean and dry with no oils, fingerprints, water spots, or polishing compound residue.
3. Check if the plating colour is correct or not.
4. Check if the raw material, gemstone, pearl, or diamond is set correctly or not
5. Check if the length, diameter, and other sizes are correct or not
6. Check if the assembling of multiple parts is in the correct order or not
7. Check if the engraving is clear and correct or not
8. Check if the function of clasper, Close-up parts, and welding parts works well and if they are secure or not
9. Check if the stone, attachments, and CZ are all set to secure on the metal or not
10. Check if rings are the perfect round or other shapes you require and if hoop earrings are the excellent shape you require

We have experience working with a diverse range of jewelry brands that demand hi-quality, and every client has their preference. We will also process unique jewelry quality assurance standards for different clients and styles. For example, most American clients prefer a yellow-tone plating colour, and most Australian clients prefer pale gold-tone plating colour. Some clients prefer hi-grade of the colour of the gemstone, and some prefer rocks to be more natural tone.

Please let us know about your quality requirements, and we will carry out the necessary steps following them.

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