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Lurree Welcomes You To Know More About The Manufacturing Process

It is always our pleasure to bring your sketches to life, and we are enthusiastic about working with you to develop your fantastic jewelry pieces. Each one of your ideas will be meticulously worked through by Lurree’s skilled artisans in each step to deliver a flawless item to you.

How Lurree Selects The Raw Material

Zircon Stones

Zircon Stones

We ensure that the fiery stone has flush or bezel protection. Transparency, refractivity, etc., are also taken into account.


We will choose the right colour, cut, and clarity according to your requirement.


The lustre is pearls' lifeblood, and we also choose perfection by surface quality, size, and shape.

Craftsmanship Of Making Your Jewelry

The details are what matter the most to us. So we put a lot of thought into it. As a result, every piece of jewelry is a labour of love, made with the utmost attention to detail and quality to deliver the highest quality product.

Lurree believes in the power of design and provides all designers with a platform to mass-produce their creations without fuss or compromise in quality. It would be just as you would want.

Craftsmanship Of Making Your Jewellery

Carefully Selected Gemstones

Our professionals choose high-quality gemstones that give your jewelry the right sparkle. In addition, the gemstones we select are sourced ethically and adhere to the highest industry standards.

All Hand Polishing

Every piece of jewelry is hand-polished, resulting in a more distinguished surface than normal sand or barrel polishing.

Each Stone Set Delicately

It's not only the material that gives the stone its sparkle; it also has to do with the setting method. With our skilled artisans, we make sure that each stone is set delicately to achieve a jewelry piece that looks amazing from every angle.

Talented Welding Artisans

Our team of skilled welding artisans will help your jewelry function more effectively. It also makes it look better and can last longer. Our talented welding artisans will handle each weld point with the utmost care to ensure they are robust enough but light. 

Your Jewelry Is Handcrafted With Love

You’ll be thrilled to get all your jewelry from Lurree, made with love, enthusiasm, and dedication.

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Your Jewellery Is Handcraft With Love 2
Your Jewellery Is Handcraft With Love 3

Start Your Jewelry Manufacturing Journey With Lurree Today!

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