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Useful Jewelry Care Tips

As a jeweller, taking proper care of the jewelry you sell and store in your stock is essential. Not only does this help maintain the beauty and value of the pieces, but it also shows customers that you take pride in the products you sell. Here are some tips on how to care for jewelry professionally:

Store Your Jewelry Properly

When storing bulk quantities of jewelry in your store, please keep it in a clean and dry place. This way will prevent it from moisture and other undesired conditions. Furthermore, you should regularly check the storage to see if some stocks have been left in one place for a long time. If so, try to clear it out as soon as possible.

Use Inner Bags For Stock-Keeping

Please do not put your jewelry directly into the gift box when it does not sell out. This is because many gift boxes have glue and plastic foam that may react with the jewelry. This reaction will cause the jewelry to tarnish sooner than you expect. Therefore, if you need a gift box to store your jewelry, it is better to use a separate inner bag.

Use Storage Bags For Transportation

If you need to transport your Jewelry stock to different agents, be careful not to touch it directly. You can use finger stalls to sort the store pieces separately to avoid scratching, tangling, or damaging delicate parts. Also, be careful when stacking your jewelry. It should be such that the heaviest ones are at the bottom of the box and the lightest/smallest ones are at the top. We can also help you sort the jewelry before delivery with the help of a sorting list that you provide to us.

Protect Your Jewelry From Light And Heat

Direct sunlight and heat can cause jewelry to fade or discolour, so protecting it from these natural occurrences is essential. When displaying jewelry in your store, avoid placing it near windows or other sources of direct sunlight. Similarly, avoid exposing it to extreme heat, such as in a sauna or near a fireplace.

Get Tarnished Jewelry Re-plated

The jewelry displayed in the store may get tarnished over time. The spotlight, the sweat, will speed up the tarnishing process; you can use anti-tarnishing taps to prevent it. You can also collect tarnished jewelry every few months and then send them back to our factory so that we can re-plate them for you.

Arranging Sales And Orders Properly

It’s common for jewellers to be left with a proper stock. But arranging your sales and order plans regularly will help ensure that your inventory is replenished timely and effectively. This reduces the chance of jewelry getting tarnished due to a long-time stock.

Educate Your Customers On Proper Use

Tell your customer how to care for their jewelry properly. Jewelry made of Sterling Silver and other tiny pieces can bend even with a little effort. This is because these metals are soft and durable. However, these parts can easily break if not handled properly, leading to greater losses. Educating your customers on how to wear their jewelry properly will also help you inculcate trust among them.


Protecting your Jewelry inventory with insurance is important in case of theft, loss, or damage. The insurance can help you cover the cost of repairing or replacing items and give you complete peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected.

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