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Design Your Necklace At The Right Length

The market is bursting with various necklace designs – while the right one can upgrade your style, the wrong design can cause discomfort and mismatch in your daily outfit.

At Lurree, our experts have experience manufacturing different sizes and styles of necklaces that add style to your collection and inspire your customers.

You can get any length made according to your production sizing standard. However, if you want to know more about the size of the Necklace you need, this guide will help you.

To make it easy to find and design the size you are looking for, we have created a visual guide to give you an idea of how to figure out which pendant and necklace length is your choice.


Get A Necklace That Fits Perfectly

The length of any necklace at any given time in the past or the present depends on the “in-fashion” neckline. For instance, ornate necklines go better with forwent necklaces, whereas lower-cut necklines go well with precious necklaces.

While many wear necklaces to enhance their collarbone, some only look for a comfortable design.

Whichever the case, we cater to all your needs and create beautiful ornaments.

14″ Necklace –

Women’s smallest standard necklace size is the 14″ necklace. This size fits almost as tight as a choker and is usually reserved for thinner-style chains.

16″ Necklace

The 16″ Necklace rests around the women’s collar, the same as the base of a woman’s neck. This size will fall around the collarbone for healthier women and look like a choker for plus-size women.

18″ Necklace –

This Necklace size is a popular choice among women and is most commonly used. This Necklace size rests at the collarbone.

20″ Necklace –

This Necklace size gives more breathing room and falls a couple of inches beneath the collarbone.

24″ Necklace –

A 24″ Necklace is an ideal choice as it is a bit longer and falls below any neckline.

34″ Necklace –

This Necklace size is the longest and can be styled in many ways. Mainly, these are used with pearls as they look elegant for necklaces that hang below the busts. In addition, one can double the 34″ chain for a dual-chain classy look.

Men and Women – Necklace Lengths

Men and women have different bodies; even at the same weight and height, no two necklines are the same.

Moreover, men are more conscious about aligning their necklace designs with their wardrobes than women.

Lurree manufactures necklaces of all sizes, chain extenders, clasps, and jumper rings, making them more functional for you to design. In addition, our versatile adjustable chains help you to design and adjust them from princess or standard length (45cm / 18″) to Matinee length (55cm / 22″).

For women, we cater to a broader selection of necklace sizes than men. However, necklaces are more limited when it comes to men. They can range from 18 to 30 inches, and the most common size ranges from 18 to 24 inches. To make necklaces versatile, Lurree manufactures chains with clasps and jump rings.

Types of Necklace Extenders

You can offer necklace chain extenders to add customization for your customer. We collect several types of Necklace extenders; you can add your logo tag or customize your regular chain for the necklace extenders.

Clasper with loops.

You can use any chain you want and add many loops.

Extended Chain.

This type is more flexible, but the chain link needs to be large enough so the clasper can connect with each link.

Particular extender to match your unique chain necklace.

If you have the design of a large chain necklace design, it is better to suggest that your customer fits with a suitable extender.

Several Inspirations To Design Your Necklaces

Did you know that you can design an adjustable necklace yourself? For example, you can add loops or an extender – or design a 21 inches necklace but keep loops at 19 inches. This way, your customer can adjust the necklace themself. You can add a small length of the extender as well.

At Lurree, we offer chain extenders with every necklace that allow variations and add size to every necklace. You can also offer Extension Chain separately. Please check the information below with different types of necklace extenders. We hope this information can guide you to the best solution for you.

Extra Options:
  • You can add a charm or your logo to the extender.
  • You can also add gemstones or pearls to the extender.

The most popular necklace length we produce is 16.5″ and 18.” The 2-inch extender is the most popular length we produced.

Usually, the length of the Necklace is not the length of the chain; we also add clasper and jumping length into the total length of the Necklace; if you are not doing this way, please let us know.



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