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How Lurree Work

How Lurree Works

At Lurree, we collaborate to fulfil orders quickly and proficiently. Firstly we thank you for visiting our page, and we will do our best to explain how we operate so that you clearly understand all the general and essential information. Of course, depending on the client or the design, the outcomes could be different. We aim to offer every client the best service attainable.

People To Contact

Once you contact us, we will have a designated merchandiser to look after all your needs. For transparent communication, you will be connected with a personal Lurree advisor. You can always contact us if you have questions about samples, orders, deliveries, packages, etc. If you prefer to change the designated merchandiser or have any suggestions, you are welcome to email We are always open to new ideas.

The Samples
1st Step

We invite you to send us your designs using any of the information provided below:

-Sketches with details showing as many details as possible, the stones, sizes and other comments.

-Online reference photos with your comments (such as ideas and inspirations)

-Original samples–we can produce the same as your original samples or change them according to your comments.

-CAD files

The more details you show us, the more similar product you can get. 

2nd Step

Once we get the information above, our CAD design team will design the 3D drawing according to it. Then we will send the 3D drawing for your final confirmation.

We would also kindly ask you to send the following essential and additional information:

-The sample metal (brass/sterling silver)

-The sample’s quantity

-Sample colour (silver/platinum/gold/rose gold colour)

-The thickness of the plating if the colour is to be plating (0-1 micron/2 micron/2.5 micron/3 micron or more)

The Costs

Normally, we will offer a price after the sample has been created. However, we could also provide you with an estimated cost before the model is produced as a special requirement from your side.

The final price will be determined by the weight of the silver, other raw materials such as gemstones, gold plating, labour costs, and our personalized service.

We are proud that we can produce jewelry from sustainable and ethically sourced in large quantities, allowing us to offer you a competitive price based on the quality of our jewelry.

Furthermore, with years of cooperating experiences with international clients, we can offer practical advice to control the sample cost, ensuring that you still make a profitable choice.

The Orders

After you have confirmed the samples and cost, bulk production will begin.

We kindly ask you to order a MOQ of 50pcs of Silver (MOQ of 120 of Brass)per design for the first order and 30pcs of silver metal (MOQ of 60 of Brass)per size for rings because different sizes require different moulds.

Clients can send a Purchase Order, and we will quickly and gladly respond with an official PI (Proforma Invoice) outlining any details for you to confirm. Once the payment is paid, we will confirm that we received the deposit and let you know the ETD (Estimated departure time). Your designated merchandiser will notify you when the order is ready for delivery, and we will dispatch it once the remaining payment is received. We do not usually cover the shipping costs because they vary depending on the size/weight of your order. Lurree will make every effort for its clients to pack their items as safely and compactly as possible to reduce transportation fees based on weight. If you have shipping specifications, we will arrange them accordingly.

The Lead Time

Off-peak season (orders placed during February – August)

The samples order: usually takes 3 – 5 weeks

The bulk order: usually takes 6 – 8 weeks, and up to 12 weeks on larger orders.

Peak season (orders placed during September – January)

The samples order: usually takes 4 – 6 weeks

The bulk order: usually takes 8 – 10 weeks, and up to 12 weeks on larger orders.

If you have urgent items, we can prioritize them. However, we would appreciate it if you could make a timetable, so your jewelry arrives on time. For example, the goods deadline is September. In this case, it is preferable to begin sampling in April and place your order in June. It will help if you account for logistics, communication time, sample review, or resampling time. Of course, this is just an example; Each client’s requirements are unique. We will give you some timeline advice based on your specific situation.

Product Guarantee

All our items are handmade, and we aspire to provide 100% quality-approved products.
We ask for your patience and understanding in case any faulty items occur and need to be returned for repair.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to gather the faulty items every few months in case you find some misalignments and send them back to us. We will happily repair them for you, and we are so proud to provide a lifetime and after-service guarantee for all of our products to our long-term clients.

Our Top Guarantees:

– 100% quality approved products

– Repair any faulty items

– Lifetime and after-service guarantee

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BSCI Certificate
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100% Quality Control
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Life-long Aftersevice
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