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Welcome to our video gallery, where we bring your design with our craftsmanship to life. At Lurree, we are dedicated to making a difference, and we hope you can learn more about us through our videos. We also strive to create more videos for you to understand the stories behind the production. Let’s step into our world together!

Production Behind the Design

Lurree - Your Sustainable Custom Jewelry Manufacturer
LURREE - Craftsmanship of Jewelry Manufacturer
Lurrree-The Craftsmanship of How to Cut Rocks for Jewelry

Some of Our Products

Moonstone Necklace
Ruby Jewelry Collection
Pearl Huggie Earrings
Free Sample
Free Samples
BSCI Certificate
BSCI Certificate
100% Quality Control
100% Quality Control
Life-long Aftersevice
Life-long Aftersevice
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