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Lurree is professional in producing high-quality jewelry with different kinds of gemstones.

Welcome to check all the details below for your reference.

However, these are not all gemstones we can source; please get in touch with us directly with your unique wishes and desires.

If you want more information about how we create tailor-made jewelry from raw gemstones, please refer to our blog; also welcome to refer to our page, gemstone jewelry manufacturer, for more details.

A lesser-known gemstone with a deep blue to violet color, iolite is thought to inspire creativity and insight.
A vibrant red to orange gemstone, carnelian is believed to energize and stimulate action.
A golden brown gemstone with a distinctive shimmer, tiger-eye is said to promote confidence, courage, and balance.
A variety of chalcedony known for its milky, translucent appearance and is often associated with balance and harmony.
A deep black or brown gemstone, onyx is thought to offer resilience, stability, and a powerful grounding energy for its wearer.
A unique gemstone with an iridescent play of colors, labradorite is thought to promote transformation and self-discovery.
A pale green to yellow gemstone, prehnite is believed to encourage spiritual growth and enhance intuition.
Treasured for its deep green hue and cultural significance, jade is often associated with protection, good fortune, and longevity.
Green Amethyst
Also known as prasiolite, green amethyst is a green variety of quartz believed to promote balance and spiritual growth.
Mother Of Pearl
The iridescent inner lining of mollusk shells, mother of pearl is valued for its beauty and is believed to inspire nurturing and protection.
Red Jasper
A deep red gemstone, red jasper is thought to provide grounding, strength, and emotional stability.
Blue Calcite
A soft blue gemstone, blue calcite is believed to encourage relaxation, communication, and emotional healing.
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Life-long Aftersevice
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