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Lurree is professional in producing high-quality jewelry with different kinds of gemstones.

Welcome to check all the details below for your reference.

However, these are not all gemstones we can source; please get in touch with us directly with your unique wishes and desires.

If you want more information about how we create tailor-made jewelry from raw gemstones, please refer to our blog; also welcome to refer to our page, gemstone jewelry manufacturer, for more details.

October birthstone, a diverse gemstone found in a multitude of colors, tourmaline is prized for its vibrant hues and unique crystal formations.
November birthstone, a transparent gemstone known for its blue, yellow, and brown tones, topaz is believed to inspire creativity and self-expression.
November birthstone, a sunny yellow variety of quartz, citrine is often linked to prosperity, success, and abundance.
December birthstone, an exquisite gemstone found solely in Tanzania, tanzanite captivates with its mesmerizing blue-violet tones and exceptional rarity.
December birthstone, with its rich blue-green tones, turquoise has long been cherished for its unique beauty and its association with spiritual wisdom and protection.
A lesser-known gemstone, diopside is known for its vibrant green color and is believed to promote healing and growth.
A versatile and abundant mineral, quartz is found in many different forms and colors, making it a popular choice for jewelry and crystal healing.
Smoky Quartz
A translucent brown variety of quartz, smoky quartz is believed to ground and protect its wearer.
Rose Quartz
Known for its soft pink hue, rose quartz is said to promote love, self-care, and emotional healing.
A striking green gemstone, malachite is known for its intricate patterns and is often associated with transformation and growth.
A green to blue-green gemstone, amazonite is believed to encourage truth, harmony, and self-discovery.
A deep blue gemstone flecked with gold, lapis lazuli has been treasured for centuries for its celestial beauty and spiritual significance.
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