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Get your pearl jewelry manufactured in a range of styles, from classic to glamorous.

Custom Pearl Jewelry Manufacturer - A Perfect Example Of Quality Craftsmanship.

If you are interested in pearl jewelry design, we can provide you with high-quality pearl jewelry manufacture. We make pearl jewelry handcrafted by a team of craftsmen who work in a careful and detailed manner. Our artists are skilful, talented, and informed about the obligations and demands when working for a socially and environmentally conscious manufacturer like us.

Different Types Of Pearls We Use

With a perfectly round shape, intense lustre, and eye-catching colours, Akoya pearls are the perfect gemstones to create jewelry for timeless jewelry.
Due to a range of natural colours, freshwater pearls are used in fanciful designer jewelry, that a woman would like to adorn herself with on special occasions.
South Sea
South Sea
Having a lux aspect, we use South Sea pearls to make high-end jewels to last generations after generations.
Thanks to its adaptability and colour variety, the Tahitian pearl can blend in with any jewelry setting. Let us know if that’s your requirement.

How We Pick Up Pearls

While we can source some precious pearls like Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian, most of our offerings are freshwater pearls. This is because freshwater pearls are the most cost-effective when paired with silver metals, and this year’s trendy Baroque pearls are taking centre stage in our production.

Whether your designs are traditional or modern, simple or complex, our production team can easily carry out your ideas. and we always make sure the lustre of our pearls is bright, and the surface reflects light evenly. The nacre is thick and feels smooth to the touch. We work as per the customer’s request and budget.

Explore the video of how we pick up the pearls.



How We Pick Up Pearls
Know Our Process-Boho Pearl Ring

Know Our Process of Custom Pearl Jewelry Manufacture

Interested in knowing what goes behind such breathtaking products?

Firstly, please check all the various pearl setting techniques we specialize in:

  • Half-drilling the pearl and securing it to the base with a metal rod and specialized glue is the most common method and can be used in many different designs.
  • Prong setting is often found in classic styles and usually features simple, delicate designs.
  • Bezel setting, generally suitable for flat-bottomed pearls.
  • Advanced technique—adding a cage; this setting method is non-damaging to the pearl and is perfect for flawless loose pearls.
  • Handmade technique—wire wrapping; there are many ways to wrap wires, and we can produce them according to your requirements.
  • Last but not least, full-drilling; the pearl is directly strung on a chain or cord. We use professional pearl cords to ensure the pearls won’t easily scatter.

Additionally, we pay great attention to hole drilling and glue application, as these are crucial quality aspects. We use specialized pearl glue to ensure the pearls won’t easily come loose.

Please watch the video to understand the details of how we manufacture your pearl jewelry.

Why Choose Us As Your Custom Pearl Jewelry Manufacturer?

Customised Products 1Customised Products 2
Customised Products

We do exactly what you ask us to do! For instance, we often use high-lustre pearls, but we can happily accommodate our techniques if you like something different.

An All In-house Team 1An All In-house Team 2
An All In-house Team

We are in complete charge of the procedure, from locating premium materials to creating cutting-edge designs and thorough quality control.

Smooth Surfaces 1Smooth Surfaces 2
No Margin For Complaints

We also have a no-tolerance policy for any jewelry that doesn’t meet our strict standards, so you can be sure that the products you receive will be of the highest quality possible.

No Margin For Complaints 1No Margin For Complaints 2
Gold Vermeil

To complement the high-end pearls, many of our clients opt for gold vermeil to enhance their value. This is also one of the most advanced and high-end techniques that our company excels in. Please learn more about gold vermeil here.

You May Also Like To Know?

Some Questions You Might Be Interested In.

What Is The Best Method To Ascertain The Quality Of A Pearl?

Whether natural or cultured, a piece of pearl jewelry can be identified by several characteristics. These characteristics normally impact a pearl’s total worth.

  • Size: Pearls come in a variety of sizes. From a 2.0mm Freshwater Pearl to a 20.0mm South pearl. The variety is huge.
  • Shape: Round is rare and the most expensive shape to come by. Other shapes include semi-round, drop, baroque, and circle baroque.
  • Colours: Apart from white and cream, silver, black, and grey are the most commonly found colours of pearls. These may be further modified to add overtones such as pink and green. You may order your favourite colour, and we pick bulk per the demand.
  • Lustre: More the lustre, the more the shine, and the more precious the pearl. Classified as poor to medium-level or high and extremely high, pearls have varied lustre levels.
  • Surface quality: Nothing is flawless, nor are pearls. Their surface may showcase some minor imperfections, such as pits. Experts classify pearls into classes such as clean, lightly spotted, moderately spotted, and heavily spotted.
Do You Sell Loose Pearls?

No. we don’t.

How Can I Choose Different Pearls?

Pearls come in various shapes, sizes, qualities, etc. We offer a great selection to suit all requirements. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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