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2.5+ microns of high-quality gold vermeil.

60%+ clients selling gold vermeil.

70%+ turnover from gold vermeil.

100% Quality control for high-end gold vermeil.

Your Reliable Gold Vermeil Jewelry Manufacturer In China - Lurree

Lurree is a leading Custom Gold Vermeil Jewelry Manufacturer in China. Over 60% of our clients choose gold vermeil jewelry featuring a layer thicker than 2.5 microns on a sterling silver base.

Typically, clients who opt for Gold Vermeil jewelry are seeking high-quality plating to cater to their upscale customers who demand superior quality, not only in plating but also in every other detail.

Partner with Lurree to elevate your jewelry offerings and provide your discerning clientele with exceptional, timeless pieces they will cherish.

Why Choose Lurree as Your Trusted Gold Vermeil Jewelry Manufacturer in China?

Millions of Gold Vermeil Jewelry
We have been producing millions of Gold Vermeil Jewelry pieces even before they gained popularity, as our clientele consists mainly of high-end customers who demand top-quality jewelry. As a result, we provide gold thickness not only at 2.5 microns but also at 3 microns or more.
More than 60% Clients
Over 60% of our clients work with Gold Vermeil Jewelry, ensuring that our merchandisers are well-versed in this particular jewelry type. Additionally, our skilled workers are intimately familiar with the Gold Vermeil Jewelry production process.
increased year by year
The volume of our Gold Vermeil Jewelry production has been steadily increasing, resulting in more than 70% of our turnover this year being attributed to this specific product. In response, we have invested in enhancing our equipment and technology.
Superior Quality
Catering to high-end clients, we maintain strict quality control over Gold Vermeil products, as well as all other aspects, to guarantee that each piece of Gold Vermeil Jewelry is exquisite and sophisticated. Our constant goal is to address and prevent any potential issues, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Your Design Deserve a Better Option - Gold Vermeil Jewelry

If you value your designs, Gold Vermeil Jewelry is an excellent choice to enhance your brand’s quality and worth. These are the advantages you should know.

  • Greater durability: With its thicker gold layer, Gold Vermeil Jewelry is more wear-resistant, allowing your customers to enjoy their pieces for a longer time.
  • Reduced issues: By offering Gold Vermeil Jewelry, you can expect fewer complaints, returns, and repairs, ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: A high-quality product like Gold Vermeil Jewelry can improve your brand’s image and foster positive word-of-mouth, helping your brand grow.

According to Google Trends, the search volume for “Gold Vermeil” has increased year by year. This increase indicates a growing interest in Gold Vermeil Jewelry and presents more sales opportunities for your brand.

Gold Vermeil
The Disadvantages Of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Why the Cost of Gold Vermeil is Higher than regular Gold Plated Jewelry?

There are four main reasons that the price of Gold Vermeil Jewelry is higher than regular gold plating jewelry.

  • Higher gold material cost: Due to the increased gold content in Gold Vermeil Jewelry, its price is approximately ten times more expensive when compared to 0.25-micron gold plating.
  • Increased labour cost: The plating process for Gold Vermeil Jewelry is more time-consuming, taking about 30 minutes, whereas regular gold plating takes only about 3 minutes.
  • Greater repair costs: Repairing Gold Vermeil Jewelry may require polishing away the plating layer and re-plating the piece, resulting in additional costs for both gold material and labour time.
  • More complex procedures: It’s important to note that creating Gold Vermeil isn’t as simple as extending the gold plating time. Limitations in certain solutions and technologies might only allow a thin gold-plating layer. So, the production of Gold Vermeil involves more complex procedures than just adjusting the plating duration.

However, high-end consumers typically accept the higher cost associated with Gold Vermeil Jewelry compared to normal plated jewelry. The retail price of Gold Vermeil items of our clients is generally higher than that of regular plated jewelry.

What Can You Expect When Producing Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry with Lurree?

A thick layer of gold isn’t the only factor to consider. We pay close attention to the overall quality of Gold Vermeil Jewelry and ensure each piece meets our high standards before shipping. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our certification and offerings.

  • Market-Verified Gold Vermeil Jewelry: We adhere to strict quality standards to guarantee the perfection of your jewelry, not only in terms of Gold Vermeil but also in every detail. This includes clasps, welds, functionality, and surface checks. Our Gold Vermeil Jewelry has stood the test of time and has been embraced by customers worldwide, with our client’s stores spread across the globe. Please visit our Quality Assurance page for more information, and we will tailor your quality requirements based on our standards.
  • Attentive Pre-Sales Service and Worry-Free After-Sales Service: With extensive experience working with Gold Vermeil clients, we understand your needs and concerns. We don’t just sell products; we provide customized solutions. Our lifetime after-sales service for any jewelry we produce ensures you can enjoy peace of mind after your purchase.
  • A Thriving Business: It’s crucial to have a reliable partner who consistently delivers quality, cost-effective solutions and exceptional service. By reducing 1% of the challenges from our end, you can reap 10% more benefits on your side and potentially achieve over 20% in sales growth. We always strive for win-win situations, helping our clients build flourishing businesses.
What Will You Get Once You Produce Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry With Lurree

Custom Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry with Us!

Gold Vermeil Chunky Earrings 1Gold Vermeil Chunky Earrings 2
Gold Vermeil Chunky Earrings
Garnet Gold Vermeil Necklace 1Garnet Gold Vermeil Necklace 2
Garnet Gold Vermeil Necklace
Hi Polished Gold Vermeil Rings 1Hi Polished Gold Vermeil Rings 2
Hi Polished Gold Vermeil Ring
Rose Gold Vermeil Tourmaline Bangle 1Rose Gold Vermeil Tourmaline Bangle 2
Rose Gold Vermeil Tourmaline Bangle

You May Also Like To Know?

Some Questions You Might Be Interested In.

What's Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

The Gold Vermeil Jewelry has three conditions that will need to be met.

  1. Metal: needs to be Sterling Silver.
  2. The thickness of the Gold plating: at the latest 2.5 microns.
  3. The carats: at the latest 10k.

Most of our Clients will choose 18k Gold Vermeil Jewelry.

How Long Can Your Gold Vermeil Jewelry Last?

Our team has personally tested our jewelry by wearing it, and the colour has lasted for more than five years. However, the durability also depends on how the customer wears and handles the jewelry. We recommend taking care when putting on and removing the jewelry.

Can I Order Some of My Jewelry in Gold Vermeil and Some in Normal Gold Plating?

Absolutely! You can choose the appropriate finish for each piece based on your market needs.

Can I Customize My Gold Vermeil Jewelry Designs with Lurree?

Yes, Lurree is dedicated to working exclusively with established jewelry brands and designers who bring their own unique designs to us for production. Our experienced craftsmen will work closely with you to create beautiful, high-quality Gold Vermeil Jewelry pieces that match your vision.

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