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Gold-plated jewelry never goes out of fashion, therefore we manufacture many gold-plating collections. When it was created in 1805, it has kept upgrading till now. Thanks to all the excellent predecessors and learning by ourselves, we are proud that our technology is the newest to keep your jewelry pieces last longer.

Gold Plating is a complicated process. It not only protects the jewelry’s metal surface but also makes the metal jewelry more beautiful. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the gold plating. We are always here to help.

What's The Difference Of Lurree Gold Plated Jewelry With Other Manufacturers?

  1. We have our own technology and have a long and stable relationship with the plating company, what’s more, we have an exclusive agreement with them. So other factories can not use it.
  2. We have our testing machine to test the gold’s thickness to ensure the jewelry pieces we supply are enough microns.
  3. We will test each batch to ensure the plating quality is passed.
  4. Strong wear resistance and strong antioxidant.
  5. Stable of plating colour. We will try to keep the same colour for the different batches.
  6. A variety of options of thickness and colour, from 14k to 24k(23k) yellow gold colour, rose gold, with finished of matt, worn, satin and old effect, and the thickness starts from 0.25mircons to more than 10 microns.
What's The Difference Of Lurree Gold Plated Jewelry Between Others
How Do We Ensure Of The Hi-Quality Of Gold Plating Jewelry

How Do We Ensure The Hi-Quality Of Gold Plating Jewelry?

  1. Before plating, we make sure the polishing of the jewelry is approved. Once we get a good surface, it is easier to get better-quality gold plating.
  2. After different process steps, there will be some dust or oil stains on the jewelry pieces, so we make sure the surface is cleaned before plating.
  3. We strictly implement the plating process workflow to ensure the base metal (sterling silver or brass) is firmly bonded to the base metal and has good adhesion.
  4. After the plating, we check if the gold plating covers the surface of the metal uniformly, the crystallization is delicate and compact, and the porosity is minor.
  5. Checking if it has good physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.
  6. Checking if the thickness of the plating meets your standard.

Our Wide Range Of Gold Plated Jewelries

Gold Plated Sun Pendant Necklace 1Gold Plated Sun Pendant Necklace 2
Gold Plated Sun Pendant Necklace
Rose Gold Plated Gemstone Necklace 1Rose Gold Plated Gemstone Necklace 2
Rose Gold Plated Gemstone Necklace
Gold Plated Hoops 1Gold Plated Hoops 2
Gold Plated Hoops
Two Tones Of Gold Plated Ring 1Two Tones Of Gold Plated Ring 2
Two Tones Of Gold Plated Ring

You May Also Like To Know?

Some Questions You Might Be Interested In.

Will Your Gold Plating Jewelry Tarnishing?

We would be lying if we said no. However, it is only a very small part, when customers wear them reacting with chemicals, for example, perfume, sweat, etc.

How Long Does Your Gold Plating Jewelry Last?

It depends on the gold thickness and also depends on the maintenance. We can pass 24 hours of the Salt Spray Test for silver and 48 hours for Gold plating.

What’s Flashing Plating?

A flashing plating is a very thin layer of gold with no standard. So each factory is different about this. For our factory, we start plating at 0.25mircon.

Can You Produce Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Yes, for now, more than 60% of our clients are processed with Gold Vermeil Plating, the thickness of gold thicker than 2.5mircon. Please refer to our Gold Vermeil Jewelry page for more information.

Do You Produce Gold Filled Jewelry?

Sorry, we don’t.

Are You Able To Produce Two Tones Of Gold Plating?

Yes, but it also depends on the style. We will let you know once we get your drawing.

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