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Looking for a reliable factory to customize your CZ jewelry? Regardless of the type of setting, size, colour, or shape, you can trust us with your needs. CZ Jewelry is the type of jewelry we produce the most, and our stone-setting department is our largest. This allows us to ensure a worry-free customization experience for you.

5A Grade
5A Grade
5A grade of the Cubic Zirconia is the only choice we supply to you
Ten More Ways
Ten More Ways
We are familiar with more than ten different ways to set the CZ stone—for example, prong setting, channel setting, bezel setting, etc.
Micro Sets
Micro Sets
The Sizes of our CZ start from 0.7mm, and we are experienced in micro-setting with all these tiny CZs.
Biggest Department
Biggest Department
The stone setting department is one of our biggest departments, with more than 10 Mirco Pave machines and more than 20 talented workers.

CZ Jewelry Setting Styles

We can handle a variety of setting styles, such as prong setting, channel setting, bezel setting, pave setting, tension setting, cluster setting, flush setting, gypsy setting, bar setting, bead setting, and more. We are particularly skilled in pave settings with smaller sizes, specifically 0.7mm.

Skilled CZ Jewelry Manufacturer
The Process Of How To Set Stones

The Process Of How To Set Stones

  1. Firstly, we check the quality of the CZ stone.
  2. Then, we check if the CZ stone is suitable for the bezel.
  3. Fixed, an even and balanced amount of pressure needs to be applied to the stone so that it is set firmly and correctly.
  4. Quality control check, a thorough check of each item is done to ensure there are no imperfections.

We always ensure security when the CZ is set on the base metal.

Custom Your CZ Collection with Us!

Open CZ Cuff Rings 1Open CZ Cuff Rings 2
Open CZ Cuff Rings
Braid CZ Bracelet 1Braid CZ Bracelet 2
Braid CZ Bracelet
CZ Spring Necklace 1CZ Spring Necklace 2
CZ Spring Necklace
CZ Hoops Earrings 1CZ Hoops Earrings 2
CZ Hoops Earrings

You May Also Like To Know?

Some Questions You Might Be Interested In.

What’s The Origin Of Your CZ Stone?

The CZ in our CZ Jewelry are imported from Russia.

Can you Supply Moissanite Stone?

Yes, absolutely. We can supply Jewelry with Moissanite Stone.

Can You Supply Swarovski Crystal?

Yes, absolutely. Let us know your requirements, and we will produce them for you.

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100% Quality Control
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