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Lurree – Your Experienced Custom Brass Jewelry Manufacturer

All jewelry lovers will understand the dedication and patience a brass jewelry manufacturer puts into his craft. Hence at Lurree, our innovative and skilful jewelry manufacturers are our biggest asset, creating beautiful pieces of everlasting brass jewelry for more than 20 years, especially for you!

Brass metal resembles gold, which is the primary reason for its popularity. Its elegance, durability, and affordability make it a great choice for jewelry lovers worldwide. At Lurree, we intend to create beautiful personalized brass jewelry to meet our client’s expectations, satisfaction, needs, and requirements. With truly unique services and a passion for creating sustainable brass jewelry, Lurree is the perfect choice for personalized jewelry masterpieces that last a lifetime.

What We Offer?

Superior Quality
Superior Quality
We offer superior-quality OEM Brass Jewelry that lasts forever.
Expert Craftsmanship
Expert Craftsmanship
We offer exceptional and long-lasting humidity and moisture protection coating.
Any Sizes Pieces Solution
Any Sizes Pieces Solution
We offer the best Custom Brass Jewelry solutions for Mini and large masterpieces.
Modern Designs
Modern Designs
We offer experience in producing modern, trendy, and state-of-the-art Custom Brass Jewelry designs.

State-Of-The-Art Custom Brass Jewelry Solution

Lurree is a premium Custom Brass Jewelry Manufacturer that masters the art of customizing sophisticated, elegant, and durable brass jewelry masterpieces. We offer High Polished, Stone Finished, Brushed, Matte, and Raw Eco brass-based products, including earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more.

Each jewelry piece has a story to tell, and we welcome you to join us in the quest to explore brass jewelry adventure. A journey you will love and cherish.

State-Of-The-Art Brass Jewellery Solution
We Promise Quality

We Promise Quality

We are a proud Custom Brass Jewelry Manufacturer with 21 years of craftsmanship experience. We not only sell jewelry but provide our clients with a lifetime experience of love, passion, and quality. Our commitment to quality makes us stand apart in brass jewelry manufacturing. Our experts ensure that each manufacturing stage passes through a well-knitted standardized process to ensure high-end quality for our clients.

Your Best Custom Brass Jewelry Manufacturer Choice.

Superior-Quality OEM Brass Jewellery 1Superior-Quality OEM Brass Jewellery 2
Superior-Quality OEM Brass Jewelry

Brass holds remarkable strength but is also highly malleable, making it ideal for creating intricate and delicate jewelry pieces. At Lurree, we take advantage of these superior brass qualities to produce high-quality Custom Brass Jewelry.

Exquisite and Everlasting Pieces 1Exquisite and Everlasting Pieces 2
Exquisite and Everlasting Pieces

We create exceptional and long-lasting pieces by covering the brass jewelry in a clear coating that prevents it from oxidation when exposed to humidity and moisture. This increases the life of your brass jewelry and lets you enjoy it for an extended period.

Offers Different Sized Pieces 1Offers Different Sized Pieces 2
Offers Different Sized Pieces

Brass Jewelry is the most prominent solution for every size of the jewelry piece, apart from its extraordinary elegance and durability. It costs you less than silver but offers a competitive advantage and desired results with its warm hue of gold, copper, and metal properties.

Experienced Modern State-of-the-Art Designs 1Experienced Modern State-of-the-Art Designs 2
Experienced Modern State-Of-The-Art Designs

Our experienced and dedicated design team stays updated on the latest fashion trends and brass jewelry movements. So we always have the experience to make the newest and most modern personalized designs for you. Our delicate production always adds value to your designs.

You May Also Like To Know?

Some Questions You Might Be Interested In.

What’s The Difference Between Brass And Copper Jewelry?

Brass jewelry has a yellowish appearance similar to gold, while copper jewelry has a deep, earthy reddish-brown tone. Moreover, brass jewelry is more durable than copper jewelry since the latter is naturally soft.

Does The Quality Of Your Sterling Silver And Brass Jewelry Differ?

No. We utilize the same master frame and production procedure for both the base metals; hence the overall look and finishing quality are the same after the piece is plated. In addition, the plating durability for both metals is also the same – one-micron gold-plating over brass and one-micron gold-plating over silver will last equally long.

How Long Does Brass Jewelry Last?

Brass jewelry is easy to clean and highly durable and can last for decades with proper care. This makes brass jewelry a beautiful and sustainable option. Brass jewelry generally changes colour with time and might appear darker in certain areas or take on a patina. However, this is normal, and part of the personalized look of brass people admire.

Does Your Jewelry Contain Any Toxic Chemicals Or Metals?

All our Brass jewelry is hypoallergenic and does not contain harmful metals like lead, nickel, and cadmium. For additional charges, you can request the pieces be tested in compliance with your country’s legal regulations.

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